Erich Abraham

柏葉騎士鉄十字章 #516
26. Juni 1944
76. ID

27 March 1895
7 March 1971

Abraham was born in Marienburg, East Prussia in 1895. He volunteered for military service after the outbreak of World War I and the following year was commissioned as a Leutnant der Reserve. He was demobilised in 1920 as an honorary Oberleutnant, and joined the police. He returned to military service in 1935 in the rank of Major. He commanded an infantry battalion in the 105th Infantry Regiment in 1936–39, being promoted to Oberstleutnant in 1938. In 1939, he was transferred to the 266th Infantry Regiment, again commanding a battalion for a year. In 1940 he was appointed as the commanding officer of the 230th Infantry Regiment, and in 1941 was promoted to Oberst, continuing in command of that regiment until 1942.During his time in command of the 230th Infantry Regiment, he was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.

On 17 February 1943 he was appointed to command the 76th Infantry Division which was being rebuilt in France after the original division had been destroyed at Stalingrad. He was promoted to Generalmajor on 1 June 1943, after which he led the division initially to Italy before being moved to Army Group South on the Eastern Front during the winter of 1943–44. On 1 January 1944, Abraham was promoted to Generalleutnant. He continued to command the division in heavy fighting and during the withdrawal in the face of the Red Army Dnieper–Carpathian Offensive, and other than for a short time in July–August, commanded the division until October 1944.[3] While commanding the division, he was awarded the Oak Leaves to his Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.Later that year he was appointed to command LXIII Corps. In March 1945 he was promoted to General der Infanterie. Captured at the end of the war, he was released in August 1947. After release he lived in Wiesbaden, West Germany. He died in 1971.