FEEDER Another Yesterday…

Released January 17, 2000

Grant Nicholas – Lead vocals, lead guitars
Taka Hirose – Bass guitars
Jon Lee – drums

Track listing
“Paperfaces” (UK Single Mix)
“Space Age Hero”
“Tomorrow Shine”
“Living in Polaroid”
“Getting to Know You Well”

Fair Warning LIVE AND MORE(1998)

Tommy Heart (voce)
Andy Malecek (chitarra)
Helge Engelke (chitarra)
Ule Ritgen (basso)
C.C.Behrens (batteria)

Disco 1: Live
Angels of Heaven
I’ll Be There
Man on the Moon
Don’t Give Up
Desert Song
We Used to Be Friends
Follow My Heart
Come On
Save Me
Burning Heart
Get a Little Closer
Stars and the Moon

Disco 2: More
Like a Rock
Meant to Be
Out of the Night
All on Your Own (Different Version)
Give in to Love
Come On
Rivers of Love (Different Version)

Hughes-Turner Project Live in Tokyo

Release date:
Japan – Pony Canyon on August 21st, 2002 (Canyon International/CD:PCCY-01598)
and in Europe – MTM Music on October 7th, 2002.

Produced by Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner & Akira Kajiyama
Executive Producers: Mark Wexler and Yushi Onishi

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Akira Matsumoto at Studio 405
Recorded live at Shibuya Club Quattro Tokyo, Japan on May 17 and 19, 2002
Live recordings engineered by Toshio Hozumi for Mod Studio

Tour Manager: Mark Wexler

Glenn Hughes – Vocals/ Bass
Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals/ Guitar
Akira Kajiyama – Guitars
Yoshihiro Kudo – Drums
Toshio Egawa – Keyboards

Track listing[edit]
“Devil’s Road” – 6:11 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)
“You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll” – 4:45 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)
“Death Alley Driver” – 4:22 (Blackmore, Turner)
“I Surrender” – 4:11 (Ballard)
“Stormbringer” – 4:41 (Blackmore, Coverdale)
“Dark Days” – 3:57 (Kajiyama, Turner)
“Mistreated” – 9:15 (Blackmore, Coverdale)
“No Stranger To Love” – 7:23 (Tony Iommi) (Japanese version only)
“Can’t Stop the Flood” – 3:41 (Hughes, Marsh)
“Better Man” – 6:00 (Hughes)
“Ride the Storm” – 4:03 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)
“King of Dreams” – 6:44 (Blackmore, Glover, Turner)
“Street of Dreams” – 5:01 (Blackmore, Turner)
“Spotlight Kid” – 5:08 (Blackmore, Glover)
“Against The Wall” – 4:36 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner) (European version only)

Metal Crusade’99

August 1st, 1999 Metal Crusade ’99
NWOBHM 20th Anniversary Festival

Disc 1
1. Trespass – The Duel
2. Trespass – Jealousy
3. Trespass – Eight Til Five
4. Trespass – Bright Lights
5. Trespass – Live It Up
6. Trespass – Stormchild
7. Trespass – One of These Days
8. Samson – Big Brother
9. Samson – Six Foot Under
10. Samson – Tomorrow or Yesterday
11. Samson – Mr. Rock n’ Roll
12. Samson – Vice Versa
13. Samson – Grime Crime
14. Samson – Earth Mother
15. Samson – Riding with the Angels
Disc 2
1. Tank – This Means War
2. Tank – Walking Barefoot over Glass
3. Tank – Power of the Hunter
4. Tank – (He Fell in Love with a) Stormtrooper
5. Tank – Shellsock
6. Praying Mantis – A Question of Time
7. Praying Mantis – Panic in the Streets
8. Praying Mantis – Running for Tomorrow
9. Praying Mantis – Thirty Pieces of Silver
10. Praying Mantis – Lovers to the Grave
11. Praying Mantis – Beads of Ebony
12. Praying Mantis – Flirting with Suicide
13. Praying Mantis – Children of the Earth

Mick Tucker Guitars
Cliff Evans Guitars
Steve Hopgood Drums
Algy Ward Vocals, Bass
Chris Aylmer (R.I.P. 2007) Bass
Paul Samson (R.I.P. 2002) Guitars, Vocals
Thunderstick Drums
Dave Crawte Guitars
Paul Sutcliffe Drums
Mark Sutcliffe Vocals, Guitars
David Emeney Bass

Glenn Hughes Burning Japan Live(1994)

Released August 31, 1994
recorded at the Club Chitta’ in Kawasaki city, Japan on Tuesday the 24th of May and Wednesday the 25th of May 1994

Glenn Hughes – vocals, keyboards on track 7
Thomas Larsson – guitars, background vocals
Eric Bojfeldt – guitars, background vocals
John Levén – bass
Ian Haugland – drums
Mic Michaeli – keyboards, background vocals

Track listing
“Burn” – 6:44 (Blackmore, Coverdale, Lord, Paice)
“The Liar” – 4:39 (Beauvoir, Hughes)
“Muscle And Blood” – 5:48 (Hughes, Thrall)
“Lay My Body Down” – 5:08 (Hughes, Larsson)
“From Now On…” – 6:08 (Hughes)
“Into The Void” – 7:13 (Bojfeldt, Hughes, Michaeli)
“Still In Love With You” – 2:10 (Hughes)
“Coast To Coast” – 6:52 (Hughes)
“This Time Around” – 3:32 (Hughes, Lord)
“Owed To G” – 2:53 (Bolin)
“Gettin’ Tighter” – 3:59 (Bolin, Hughes)
“You Keep On Moving” – 7:25 (Coverdale, Hughes)
“Lady Double Dealer” – 3:45 (Blackmore, Coverdale)
“I Got Your Number” – 4:17 (Hughes, Thrall)
“Stormbringer” – 5:10 (Blackmore, Coverdale)

Firehouse Bring ‘Em Out Live

Released December 17, 1999 in Japan
July 18, 2000 in USA
Recorded April 22, 1999 in Osaka, Japan

C.J. Snare – vocals, keyboards
Bill Leverty – guitars
Michael Foster – drums
Perry Richardson – bass guitar

Track listing
“Overnight Sensation”
“All She Wrote”
“Lover’s Lane”
“Hold Your Fire”
“When I Look into Your Eyes”
“Acid Rain”
“Bringing Me Down”
“Don’t Walk Away”
“Love of a Lifetime”
“Reach for the Sky”
“I Live My Life for You”
“Here for You”
“Don’t Treat Me Bad”

NIGHT RANGER Keep Rockin’: Best Selection ’97–’98

Jack Blades – bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar
Kelly Keagy – drums, percussion, backing and lead vocals
Brad Gillis – lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Jeff Watson – lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Alan Fitzgerald – keyboards, piano, backing vocals

1:New York Time 4:42
2:As Always I Remain 4:33
3:Sunday Morning 4:54
4:Forever All Over Again 4:33
5:Neverland (Live) 4:11
6:Sing Me Away (Live) 4:06
7:Rumours In The Air (Live) 4:37
8:Sister Christian (Live) 5:17
9:Sign Of The Times 5:05
10:Don’t Ask Me Why 4:38
11:Sea Of Love 4:32
12:Soul Survivor 3:49
13:Revelation 4:31
14:Don’t Tell me You Love Me ’97 4:31
15:(You Can Still) Rock In America ’97 (Live) 5:58