NIGHT RANGER Keep Rockin’: Best Selection ’97–’98

Jack Blades – bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar
Kelly Keagy – drums, percussion, backing and lead vocals
Brad Gillis – lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Jeff Watson – lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Alan Fitzgerald – keyboards, piano, backing vocals

1:New York Time 4:42
2:As Always I Remain 4:33
3:Sunday Morning 4:54
4:Forever All Over Again 4:33
5:Neverland (Live) 4:11
6:Sing Me Away (Live) 4:06
7:Rumours In The Air (Live) 4:37
8:Sister Christian (Live) 5:17
9:Sign Of The Times 5:05
10:Don’t Ask Me Why 4:38
11:Sea Of Love 4:32
12:Soul Survivor 3:49
13:Revelation 4:31
14:Don’t Tell me You Love Me ’97 4:31
15:(You Can Still) Rock In America ’97 (Live) 5:58